We offer every service for international transport of goods in EU countries and more.
Our services
We offer to transport your cargo by road, sea or air.
Our transport
We can offer to transport full and part cargo.
Customs services
If you do not have the necessary documents, we will help you with their execution!
Warehouse services
We will weigh your cargo, measure its dimensions, take a photo, report discrepancies, if any.
Full cargo
We control each cargo from door to door, take care of its safety, we provide information about the location of the cargo on a daily basis.
Partial cargo
Your partial cargos from Italy, trucks of our company are ready to load every week.
We make complex logistics easy!
14 years in business allowed us to find the best solutions when it comes to transportation. We have offices in different countries, multicultural employees, our own transport and huge goals. Cargo transport between EU and CIS countries, cargo transport between the Baltic States and Europe, cargo transport in EU countries, cargo transport in Germany, Italy and Spain, local cargo transport in Lithuania.

  • Transportation by road
  • Customs services
  • Warehouse services
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