Transportation by road

International transport inevitably follows local transport. Our company, using its fleet of different sizes and configurations that meet European standards, and with the help of partners in Lithuania, quickly and reliably delivers and takes over large shipments of goods from Lithuania to Lithuania.
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Warehouse services
All stored goods are insured against loss and damage according to the highest European standards

-Loading and unloading works
- Responsible storage
-Photography and weighing
- Formation of departures
- Possibility of repacking cargo

We will weigh your cargo, measure its dimensions, take a photo, report any discrepancies, if any.
Cameras at the warehouse allow you to watch the working process online.
Customs services
-Export and import cargo clearance
-Drawing up an export declaration (EX1)
-Registration of a transit guarantee (T-1, T-2)
-Issuance of TIR Carnets (CARNET TIR) and CMR waybills
-Representation of the client at customs when declaring goods
-Registration of FITO certificates
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